Monday, June 22, 2009

A shot of creativity

My buddy Michelle over at Mitch & Winnie introduced me to How About Orange, a place I can always turn to for a dose of creativity when life as a technical writer starts to feel like a dark abyss of monotony. This morning, Jessica posted a link to some design inspiration resources and I am flabbergasted and twitterpated by the raw creativity. Here are some of my favorites from Business Card Collector Kariann Burleson's Flickr Stream:

Swoon! You really must go check them out for yourself.

When asked why she collects business cards, Kariann replied:
I see the business card, calling card, and name card as tiny works of art, or even poems, as they express a brief visual narrative of something so much more. They are an introduction - an affectionate piece of evidence, a receipt of a connection, a meeting, a moment. It's this nature of the business card or calling card that enchants. They are generally intended as small, brief, and hopefully, possibility invoking pieces of paraphernalia. They encapsulate tangibly and visually the essence of something that is a transient. They bridge a gap between two people, sources, or ideas using humor, novelty, beauty, art, even cryptic information. They are parcels of possibility, relics of remembrance, they say, perhaps in a whisper, perhaps a shout 'remember me.'
How lovely. I couldn't agree more.

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