Friday, September 11, 2009

Farewell summer. I hardly knew you.

The rain continues to pour over Washington and it only seems appropriate on September 11. But I can't help but feel that summer zoomed by way too quickly this year. So as I wistfully gaze at this photo I took of Joe during our summer vacation I am wishing I could click my heels together and go back to the beach with the warm sun on my back.
I suppose it wouldn't be a great summer if I didn't feel like it went by too quickly. We had lots of birthdays to celebrate, fun cookouts with family and neighbors, an amazing Coldplay concert, days by the pool, trips to witness friends getting married, trips to visit friends just because, family to visit us, and a couple of lazy days in between. Ya, it was a good summer.
So instead of melancholy, I'll just choose to be thankful that beautiful autumn follows summer and not winter.
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  1. Oh I totally agree with you. I feel like we barely look a summer, but excited for the crisp weather to start so that I can get out my yummy sweaters and light some fires. (In the fireplace of course :) )

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year. This is such a pretty time of year.