Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rain on the brain

The grey, drizzling skies that we have had over the past few days are really reminding me of Belgium so I decided to put together a collection of some of my favorite things.
The Grand Place, of course.

Pita street! Pita Yasmina is my personal favorite.

Drug Opera ...
... where I can have one of these... (A lait russe)

This is the Wellington Church in downtown Waterloo. I sang there a few times with choir.

I ate at La Pomme for many a sports team dinner. I always drank the fizzy Lipton tea in a can. Why don't they have that here?

This is Beersel castle and it is really close to where I grew up. We watched fireworks from across the moat on a few Belgian Independence days (July 21st). I'm hoping to take Joe there very soon!

This charming little chateau is near where I grew up as well. It sits on a huge park where we went on paddle boats and visited the petting zoo as children.

Delicious, beautiful waffle bliss. They're called "gaufres" by the francophones, or "gophers" by tourists. I can almost taste their buttery perfection. I'd better start the diet and exercise regimen ASAP.

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